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As a Ph.D. candidate in Indiana University's Media School, my research examines the ways that marginalized communities use social media, cell phones and the internet to bring about grassroots social change.

In general, I work to answer the question, “How can communication infrastructures be designed for the empowerment of disenfranchised groups so that they may bring about social change they envision for themselves?”

In answering this question, I abandon assumptions that particular communication technologies (social media, computers, internet, phones, etc.) are inherently good or bad at bringing about desired social change.

Currently, I'm writing my dissertation: an ethnographic investigation of the calculated (non-)use of new communication technologies in Amish communities, Divine Design: Configuring Amish Communication in a High-tech World.

Recently, I have also published research on Twitter use by protesters and social and mobile media use for public health communication among high-risk groups.










Amish buggy with wifi signal