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Recently, I completed my PhD in the Media School at Indiana University and am now a Visiting Assistant Professor in the College of Communication at Butler University, where I teach courses in the Department of Human Communication and Organizational Leadership.

My work focuses on understanding how a growing reliance on communication mediated by digital technologies is changing power structures in society. In my courses, I encourage students to see new media as tools which afford and constrain communication and human action in distinct ways.

In my dissertation I studied the calculated (non-)use of new information communication technologies in Amish communities, Divine Design: Configuring Amish Communication in a High-tech World. This project identifies strategies for preserving cultural autonomy among marginalized groups in the information age.

Recently, I have also published research on Twitter use by protesters and social and mobile media use for public health communication among high-risk groups. Among other outlets, my research has been published in New Media & Society and Media Culture & Society.










Amish buggy with wifi signal